• Meet Joe Cooper: Masculinity and Race on Montana’s World War II Home Front

    Dr. Matt Basso, author of Meet Joe Cooper: Masculinity and Race on Montana’s World War II Home Front (University of Chicago Press, 2013) says the male experience of working and living in wartime America is rarely examined…it is a story that provides a crucial counter-narrative to the equally important stories of Rosie the Riveter and GI […]

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  • SL Tribune Highlights U Mentoring

    Jennifer Napier-Pearce, a writer for the Salt Lake Tribune, published an article yesterday following the 2013 Women’s Week keynote speech, in which Dr. Edith “Winx” Lawrence, Professor at the University of Virginia Curry School of Education, spoke about mentoring programs at her university. The Tribune article was entitled “Mentoring helps close school, wage gaps for […]

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  • Gender Studies Got a New Look!

    We just recently had our website redesigned, and we’re stoked about it! We’d love to hear your thoughts… Suggestions, bugs, and, of course, compliments! :-) Please send any or all of that to our webmaster at diversity@utah.edu. Otherwise, enjoy our new space!

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  • Lisa Diamond featured on Oprah

    Dr. Lisa Diamond, author of Sexual Fluidity: Understanding Women’s Love and Desire, says women like Chris and Rebecca are far from unusual. “A lot of people think fluidity means choice. That’s not true,” Dr. Diamond says. “As we’ve heard here, a lot of these women never expected to feel what they felt. It was not […]

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  • Counted Out: Same-Sex Relations and Americans’ Definitions of Family

    Professor Claudia Geist published on the meanings of family Americans hold dear; the price of love; and, demystifies the politics of how we count and tally (statistical research). Book Description When state voters passed the California Marriage Protection Act (Proposition 8) in 2008, it restricted the definition of marriage to a legal union between a […]

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  • World Ethics: Democratic Politics and Care for the World

    by Professor Ella Myers View this book on Amazon Reviews “Worldly Ethics is the smartest, subtlest treatment of the fraught relationship between democratic politics and the ‘ethical turn’ I have ever read. Ella Myers is not the first theorist to warn against the reduction of political questions to ethical ones, but this is no mere […]

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What is Gender Studies?

Gender studies has emerged as an interdisciplinary field with a large and impressive body of scholarship and courses that focus on the complex interaction of gender with race, class, sexual orientation, and nationality.

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Why should I consider this program?

As our society and world become more diverse and interconnected, Gender Studies students are trained to offer complex takes on human diversity - perspectives that make important contributions to many endeavors.

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How do I get started?

The Gender Studies major currently consists of 30 semester hours of study. A list of courses for the major and minor is available from the Gender Studies office and can also be found in the University of Utah General Catalog, along with complete descriptions of both required and elective courses.

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Meet Joe Cooper: Masculinity and Race on Montana’s World War II Home Front

Dr. Matt Basso, author of Meet Joe Cooper: Masculinity and Race on Montana’s World War II Home Front (University of Chicago […]

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